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7:00 pm

Manner Dairy

Hibbing Complete Dispersal of 110 Hol Dairy Cows(few HolX), FreeStall barn, parlor milked, Records Given Day of Sale, Month Avg: BF: 4.5, Pro 3.5, SCC 123, 72lb tank, 10 freshening every month, Century Farm, Yearly Vac Program, Dry Treated, No BST,TMR-Corn/Silage Ration, Hooves trimmed recently, Larry Manner 218-969-8963

Video here

In Order of Pictures:

Cow 1009 Fresh 8-7-17 Due 7-26-18 80lbs

Cow G110 Fresh 2-26-18 110lbs

Cow G106 Fresh 8-14-17 Due 8-16-18 78lbs

Cow 1946   Fresh 2-28-18   106lbs

Cow G98 Fresh 8-14-17 Due 9-27-18 84lbs

Cow G109 Fresh 12-6-17 Due 11-8-18 90lbs


Not Pictured:

Cow G113   Fresh 2-27-18    96lbs

Cow G65 Fresh 2-14-18 112lbs


auctions held every monday

(Hogs, Goats, & Sheep will start at 10am on Mondays.
Feeders to start at 10:30 followed by baby calves, started calves, Dairy Cattle, Bred Beef Cattle, Fat Cattle, and Slaughter Cattle.)
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