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Feeder Sale Featuring Hol Steer Special


10:00 am


Feeder Sale

Featuring Hol Steer & Red Angus Special

Mason, WI-70 Fancy Beef Steers & Heifers 550-600lbs W, V, HR, DF, Schaff Genetics

Farwell-50 Hol Steers 1000lbs V, DH, On Feed

Verndale-28 Hol Steers 650-700lbs

Osage-20 Red Angus Steers 600-700lbs W, V, P, HR, DF

Frazee-20 Beef Steers & Heifers 500-600lbs HR, DF, V

Sebeka-18 HolX Steers 800-1000lbs On Grass & Grain, V, HR, DF, DH

Brainerd-16 Red Angus Steers & Heifers W, 2xV, P, HR

New York Mills-14 Red Angus Steers & Heifers 550-600lbs W, V, P, HR, DF

Fergus Falls-14 Hol Steers 950lbs DH, On Feed

Hawley-12 Red Angus Steers W-on grass, V, P, HR, DF

Fergus Falls-11 HolX Steers  800lbs V, HR, DF

New York Mills-10 Blk Steers & Heifers 500-600lbs

Motley-10 SimAngusX Bulls 600lbs

Eagle Bend-9 Hereford Bulls 250-600lbs

Wadena-6 Hol Steers 600-700lbs

Park Rapids-5 Hol Steers 200lbs

auctions held every monday

(Hogs, Goats, & Sheep will start at 10am on Mondays.
Feeders to start at 10:30 followed by baby calves, started calves, Dairy Cattle, Bred Beef Cattle, Fat Cattle, and Slaughter Cattle.)
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