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Regular & Special Sale


10:00 am


Feeder Sale

Bred Cow & Heifer Sale

Nimrod-95 Beef Steers & Heifers 500-600lbs HR, 2xV, P,

Hitterdahl-60 Fancy Purebred Commercial Red Angus Bred Heifers, 1000-1100lbs, Bred AI for one day calving to 5L 93c Defender & 5L 298y Independence, Full Vac Program, Bangs Vac, Superb Mineral Prog, Top-Line set of Hfrs, Gary Jacobson 701-361-3189

Menahga-65 Fancy Black Angus Steers & Heifers 450-650lbs W, V, HR, DF

Staples-60 Bwf Steers & Heifers 475-575lbs 2xV, HR,

Wolf Lake-45 Red & Blk Heifers, Bred to Calving Ease bulls, Due April 5th

Ogema-29 Bred Heifers (Blk-60%, Red-39%, Char-1%) Bred to Calving Ease Blk Angus for April Calving, 1050-1100lbs

Waubun-24 Red Angus Steers & Heifers V, P, HR, DF, KC  Heifers are replacement quality

Waubun Complete Disp-24 Purebred Red Angus Cows-Bred to Scott Red Angus for Jan 8th. No Papers, Vac Bi-Annually

Bluffton-22 Beef Steers & Heifers 500-600lbs KC, W, V, HR

Sebeka-15 Blk Steers & Heifers 600-700lbs W, V, HR, DF

Betha Complete Dispersal-14 Bred Black Angus Cows(1-Red) Bred Black for End of March calving

Bertha-13 Blk Angus Steers 625-650lbs W, V, B, HR, DF

Bluffton-5 Blk Heifers  600lbs KC, W, V, HR

auctions held every monday

(Hogs, Goats, & Sheep will start at 10am on Mondays.
Feeders to start at 10:30 followed by baby calves, started calves, Dairy Cattle, Bred Beef Cattle, Fat Cattle, and Slaughter Cattle.)
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