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Labor Day Special


10:00 am


Labor Day Feeder Sale

Please hold Baby Calves till next week!!

Expecting 1,000-1,500 head

Swanville-150 Yearling Beef Steers & Heifers 700-800lbs W, 3xV, DF

Frazee-150 Yearling Beef Heifers 850lbs

Strathcona-80 Blk Heifers 700-900lbs Green Tagged

Bluffton-65 Yearling Steers & Heifers 700-1000lbs

Richville-40 Yearling Steers & Heifers 600-700lbs

Crookston-35 Blk, Bwf, Red, Rwf Steers & Heifers 500-700lbs DH, W, Natural

Guthrie-35 Beef Steers & Heifers 400-500lbs

Wadena-35 Blk & Red Feeders 400lbs HR, DF

Swanville-20 Hereford & AngusX Steers & Heifers 700-900lbs W & V

Wadena- 13 Blk Sim-Angus RR19 Sired 8 Strs & 3 Hfrs 500-600lbs. 2 Rounds of Shots, Knife Cut

Perham-12 Blk/Bwf/Hereford Steers 650-750lbs

Via Video Sale: Wadena-67 Steers & 44 Heifers 600-625lbs 2xV, KC, DH, Natural, Delivery Oct 20-30th

Schmitz Video Cattle

Via Video Sale: Wadena-85 Steers & Heifers 600-625lbs 2xV, KC, DH, Natural, Delivery Oct 20-30th

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