why sell at perham stockyards, inc.

Time tested and true, local auction markets are still the most reliable, secure way for you to sell livestock.

Livestock auction markets protect you by acting as the agent to transfer ownership from the seller to the buyers.  They assume the risk of non payment for a small cost of commission.

You receive immediate payment backed by a bonded and regulated account.

Your best interests will be met when your cattle are represented by the marketing professionals at your livestock auction market.

To find out more about how to market your livestock in the industry's most proven, secure and reliable way, contact Perham Stockyards, Inc. at 1-218-346-3415

Fair and Competitive Price.
Paid in Full.

Paid on Time.

auctions held every monday 10AM

Hogs, Goats, & Sheep Special Every THIRD Monday at 10am
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