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Regular & Special Sale


10:00 am


Bred Beef, Dairy, Hol Steer Special

Hay & Straw Sale

Dent Complete Dispersal-50 Hol Dairy Cows, Official DHIA, Turned In/Out, 40yrs AI, 100-200SCC, 4.2BF, 3.1Pro, few SwissX, Rick 218-849-6288

Perham Complete Dispersal-25 Hol Dairy Cows, 60yrs AI, Closed Herd for 40yrs, Records Given Day of Sale

Greenbush-40 Fancy Red Steers & Heifers 700lbs W, V, P, HR, DF

Warroad-35 Red Steers & Heifers 650-700lbs 2xV, HR

Henning-20 Hol & few Jersey Steers 300-700lbs

Perham-15 Hol Steers 500-600lbs HR, V, DH

Britton, SD-10 High Grade Jersey Cows & Heifers, V, Parlor,

Frazee-8 Hol Steers 1000lbs

Detroit Lakes-8 Blk Bulls & Heifers HR, Natural, DF

Underwood-6 Hol Steers & 3 Jersey Steers 300-400lbs

Wadena-6 Hol Springers 1350lbs, AI Bred, Due May/June

Pelican Rapids-6 Reg Hol Cows, 1st & 2nd Lact, less than 60days fresh, milking 60-70lbs, 1 Reg Springing Heifer

Staples-5 Hol Steers 800-1000lbs V & DH

Verndale-4 Hol Steers 1000lbs

Fergus Falls-4 Hol Steers 300lbs

Perham-2 Hol Springers

-1 Jersey Breeding Bull

-500 Butcher Hogs

Fergus Falls-100 White Feeder Pigs 40-50lbs

auctions held every monday 10AM

Hogs, Goats, & Sheep Special Every THIRD Monday at 10am
Top Livestock Auction in Western Minnesota