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Special Sale


10:00 am


Dairy, Hay & Straw Sale

Hol Steer Special

Pelican Rapids Complete Dispersal of 110 High Grade Hol Dairy Cows, Official DHIA Records, 40yrs AI Breeding

Wadena Complete Dispersal of 70 High Grade Hol Dairy Cows, loose housing, parlor, Poured-Annually, Exp to Hol Herd Sire, 60lb tank avg, 239SCC, 3.5BF, 2.9Pro, Freshing Dates given day of sale

Pelican Rapids Complete Dispersal of 65 Hol Cows & Heifers consisting of 30 High Grade Hol Dairy Cows & 35 Open to Bred Heifers 60yrs AI, Stanchion, 

Moffit, ND- 40 Hol Dairy Cows, 1-3rd Calvers, 46yrs Closed Herd, 7-8mo along

Frazee-20 Hol Steers 300lbs DH, V, full feed

Wadena-15 Hol Steers 200-250lbs DH, V

Frazee-15 Hol Steers 500-700lbs 

Frazee--9 HolX (7-Strs, 2 Hfrs) 600-700lbs V, P, HR, DF

Fairmont-5 Hol Steers 600-700lbs    1 Hol Heifer

Park Rapids-5 Hol Steers 1100lbs, off grass, Natural


auctions held every monday 10AM

Hogs, Goats, & Sheep Special Every THIRD Monday at 10am
Top Livestock Auction in Western Minnesota